January 03, 2010


She hated the girl. And she did not want to spend a single minute with her in the same room. Roomie for a year??! Unthinkable! But the girl came and settled down on the top bunk.

She kept finding a million reasons to dislike her...the girl was messy, disorganized, had a set of ideals that she defended with her life. But most importantly, she found it irritating that all her attempts to isolate the girl did not work. The girl had her own set of friends outside of the course they studied in. And the girl got along fine for the few hours she spent in the same hostel room with her.

Until one day, they announced groups for a project. Everybody was grouping up with people they liked. Friends and peers. She did not. She hung around, waiting for all her friends to get taken. She did not want to work with friends. She decided to work with people she didn't know, people she would not choose...for the real world would offer her just that - people she didn't know, choose, or like.

She found out she had been put in the same group with the girl. No! This was not what she had wanted! But she decided she would do it still. The girl was, after all, somebody she did NOT like.

They set out working on the project. It took a month to finish. They worked together, travelled together, planned together. They ate together, fell asleep on the same bed discussing ideas, they would come back late from work to find all the hostel food was over...so they cooked for each other and they dreamt together, about a project they both were proud of.

Along the way, she found out they worked with the same ideals. They had similar beliefs. They both had similar ideas of having fun. They were both stubborn. And they both found that they were perfect together. Like best friends. No, wait. Like sisters.

They grew together, they grew apart and they still stayed together. They married, they travelled, the worked, they gathered experiences. Sisters that led parallel lives. Sisters that learnt the same lessons. Sisters that grew differently but grew into similar things.

Long ago, she remembered, they had had 'the talk' about how the girl should stay in the room if there was to be peace. Cleanliness, organisation, timeliness. The girl agreed. With hurt. Hurt that she lived with people who did not know her and perhaps, did not want to know her.

Three years later, as she took her marital vows, they both knew how important they were to each other. To know, cherish and value. Like best friends. No wait...like sisters.


Black Swan said...

Real life experience?

Unknown said...

No comments (to the above comment)

Saumitra said...

do i know these sisters ??

mystupendoussalvation said...


Yeah Its a Real Life Experience..
was 3rd inactive member in the same project, these sisters were alligned to..
(I know, you now know that I know who are those?)
Nice Blog.. cherished and alive my memories..

Ree said...

@Hams: Impossibly possible :)

@P: Saviour!

@Garf: Very possible :D

@Rich: Yes, you are the third project member. The sisters? :) Sometimes, fiction is more real than reality.

Madhuri Kaushik said...

They grew together, But they did grow up. treasuring that one phase of their lives and living through each other's ups and downs. They certainly grew up, but not apart. A silent corner will always come back and live those moments as sisters.

Ree said...

@mad angel: :)