February 09, 2010


The winds carry you. To places far and not known yet. Where you will breathe the air I have not yet touched. Or have I?

Where you will see sights I have not yet seen. Sounds I have not heard yet, and smells I have not breathed in. You will be away and you will eat, drink, sleep, work, smile, laugh, learn. By the time you come back, you will be altered. Will you be a new person then?

Will I know you all over again when you are back, from scratch? Will I fall in love with you all over again, will you set my heart racing when you touch me unintentionally? Will it all happen again?

Will I be altered forever in the time I live away from you? Will I be new? Will you know me, the me you are going to leave behind? And will you know me, the me I will have become when you come back?

Will the loneliness matter on that day? Will the tides turn? Will the day seem as windy, as end-of-winter as it does today? Will the landscape change? Will the soil shift, will the skies transform, will the stars realign?

By then, dear story-teller, won't you know me enough?


Unknown said...

this post almost made me cry. i hate people leaving :(
but very well written...as always :)

amna said...


Unknown said...

"By then, dear story-teller, won't you know me enough?"

How much is enough? Knowing someone is a never-ending journey. First impressions are a myth. :)

Priyanka said...

:) :) loved this :)

Ree said...

@all: :), and AJ, even for u that!