February 17, 2011

What's Your Song?

And no, I most definitely am not asking you to think of your favourite 'song' literally. I am asking you for a sound that is a song to your soul. The one that you prefer most, second only to deep, still silence. The kind that you can hear all day long, the sound that speaks to your insides, calming, soothing, lulling you into a reverie of wakefulness.

It's the sound of falling rain for some, a thunderstorm for others, the sound of the sea.

Mine? :)

Mine is playing out to me as I write this - a chime that I hunted for from the age of fourteen, a chime that I longed to hear, to want, to own, to treasure and to touch - I found it finally, little tinkling bells in a quite little corner of an otherwise mundane mall. Waiting to be chosen and picked - or rather, waiting to choose and pick. Here's a small clip of it. Downloadable in case you feel like listening to it again.



Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I think the bagpipes and flutes of the boondock saints can suffice me for long.
~Hills of Ireland

Your music, its soothing, most of the time, yet sometimes for me it gets irritating when it is in the way where we walk everyday, and not by the wind.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
well, true, music does soothe the soul...
to be honest, there is no particular music for me...its more like momentary solace...just revere it at that instant...
chimes are amazing, their music dances with the wind...

The Silhouette..

Wd said...

1. The sound of prayers from a Mosque, I love it.

2. The horn of a train (since I live away from the railway station, a strong horn there sounds very distant and magical here) When I was small I could hear one every morning at about 7 am, and I used to think that it was the train thats taking my Mum to work.

3. The sound of my sisters footsteps running towards the door to open it when I return home.

4. The sound of an approaching BEST bus- what music!

Ree said...

@BA: i will check it out, the bagpipes and flutes :)

@TS: I did not welcome u to my blog officially yet, sorry abt that. welcome :)

@WD: the mosque for me too :) especially early mornings, when it wakes me up, something i have been hearing since i was a kid :)