March 25, 2011

New Leaves

The leaves have fallen and will be replaced soon by greener ones. Newer ones. Fresher ones. If it's the end of autumn for you too, doing these things will add to how much you believe in getting a new bark :)

- Get a new hair cut. A style you have never done before. It will make you bounce on your feet.

- Rearrange the furniture in your house. It can really add perspective.

- Clean out your shoe cabinet.

- Stack clothes in your wardrobe in order of apparel type: skirts, denims, tees, Indian and so on.

- Give yourself a pedicure. Yes men, y'all too.

- Send a pizza to your friend in another city. It's possible yes, they now do online orders for India.

- Gift a vada pav to a child that's begging. Or a Dabeli. Or a burger. Whatever you can afford. Watch that little face light up with the innocence it really is supposed to live.

- If you don't follow / watch cricket, do. Try just one match. And something seriously wild, like India-Pak or India-Aus.

- Smell a flower.

- Hug a tree, tell it you care. Mean it.

- Tickle a baby.

- Go for a heritage walk.

- Read old chats - it gives you seriously new perspective on how much you have changed and how far you have come.

- Sit alone in a restaurant, order your favourite ice-cream and lick the bowl clean - you would be surprised if I told you how many of us, with company, crave doing that but cannot.

- Go for a movie alone. You will learn a lot more than if you went with a friend.

- Order something you have never eaten or tried before in a restaurant.

- Leave a large tip.

- Bake a cake.

- Plant a plant. Name it.

- Write a poem. Even if you have never written one before.

- Stay happy - when all the things you are not die away, then you realise that there is no death.


Wd said...

I love these posts of yours. I mean it I LOVE them. They give me a new perspective- no furniture to be re-arranged then!

Please write like this often. Or lengthen the list :)

Wd said...

Ah yes, I am not going to watch cricket. Just that one thing I am not doing, please. :)

Black Swan said...

My old chats always give me a high. I feel more articulate, more sophisticated and so much more further away from what I was. Until I find a recent one. :|

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So inshort, its the fall, we must get a life now, a new one.

Nice one, will definitely try to clean my closet.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
well, i would have liked hugging a tree, but sadly, there are rarely any around here, and if i do get one, people may mis understand my love for the tree to be desperation of needing a woman!!! strange place this city i live in...
nice post, i have done some of the things you mentioned...feels good.

The Silhouette...

Unknown said...

one more to the list: "sing your favorite song at the top of your voice not caring whether the lyrics are all right or you sound off key. just do it and it'll give you a happy high." :P