January 24, 2016


I shed a tear,
For that child
Who shivered,
Cold in her shoes,
Lanky in her clothes,
Terrified in her errors.

I shed a tear,
For the parents,
Who, in their hurry,
To protect their child
From what the world could
Do to her, forgot what they could.

I told myself,
That tears can forge
Bonds, chains of reactions,
That we set in motion every day,
Or dissolve, dissolve, dilute and cut
What would otherwise bind you for life.

I left that child
Far behind in the past,
With unforgiven parents,
And decided it was finally time,
To embrace adulthood, however lonely,
And this here, now, this moment, I am new.

1 comment:

R.A. said...

Thank you for writing this.