October 26, 2009

Raiments And Ruminations

Sometimes, several years down the line when you look at all those clothes in your wardrobe, you will run over all the clothes you already had. Interesting little bits of cloth, bought at reasonable and unreasonable prices. Clothes that are now, perhaps, in the cupboards of once flood victims, earthquake victims, in the house of the utensil seller who gave you a saucepan in exchange for the pair of denims that did not fit you any longer.

Clothes tucked away in unfamiliar cupboards, in unknown crevices of people's lives, clothes that were once yours and are now fragments in an unknown world. Clothes that you once flaunted, that are now recycled and make the packaging for the latest brand of eco-friendly LEDs.

Clothes that kept you warm, that you held close to your body and heart oftentimes. Clothes that have melted colours and texture to become less and more than what they once were, fresh from the factory, smelling of dyes and chemical wash.

Clothes like people, that came and went, left an impression and then were too old to continue with you on your journeys. Clothes like people, that you donated, discarded, grew out of, loved, hated, felt awkward with, loved all the time, any time of the day and night, clothes like people that made you feel comfortable before a scary stage show, an important interview, that perfect proposal where you hoped the answer would be in the affirmative.

Clothes like people, new and old, in style and out of style, sometimes utilitarian, sometimes fancy, sometimes just accessories, sometimes too expensive and sometimes on heavy discounts.

And your wardrobe, like life. Changing, changing, changing.