April 30, 2011

Boundaries Are Meant To Be Broken

And therefore, here's a new list of things for you to do. I ask you to do them because I have the authority to, having done them myself. Break your boundaries. Real freedom lies one to-do list away.

- Talk to a tree, not in your mind. Stand up tall, face it, declare your name, and tell it who are, what you think, loud and clear. For ten minutes. And then, with your whole body turned into one big ear, listen to the tree. Look it in the 'eye'. It may reveal secrets that it has carried for centuries.

- If you realise that you are being stared at, stare back. Without blinking, confidently. Do not glare, just gaze. Smile if you feel like it. If there is one thing more intimate than the touch of a lover, it is the power of your soul gazing steadily out of their windows.

- Compliment openly. If you think the girl in the local train sitting next to you has a nice smile, tell her so. If you think that the waiter served you well, thank him, and yes, ask him his name so you can include it in your gratitude.

- Dare to wear a colour that otherwise intimidates you. A blood red, a violent pink, an eye-watering yellow, a deep jade green. it will do wonders for you day and your perspective.

- Take a new route to wherever you are going. Make an effort to get lost. Figure your way out. you will have a new route, hopefully a shortcut and you will never again panic after losing your way. Ever again.

- Practise a new religion. For a week. Only a week. Go to the church, learn the Namaaz, read parts of the Gita, read up about Scientology, go to a Gurudwara - anything. One week.

- Buy a vegetable you have never, ever eaten before. Find a recipe. Make it. Eat it. It's wont poison you so you have nothing to lose. And perhaps, you will gain the acquaintance of a new veggie and include it in your diet.

- Write a letter. To a friend, to family perhaps. Pour your heart out. Post the letter.

It is odd but there are so many things we do and DO NOT do because that's what the whole world's doing. Stop. Wait. Ask yourself why. Watch your perspective change.


Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
well i would have done it, but sadly the deserts dont have trees around... :( hehehe...
and complimenting a gal here would have disastrous results... :D

nice write, quite thoughtful...

The Silhouette...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Does talking to the stars be considered equivalent to talking to trees? or its tree specific?

Nice list, and about religion, I think it is necessary if we are to understand each other (other is the world, each is me).

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wd said...

This is list is tougher.

Really tough...