May 05, 2011

The Perfect Love

That love you are
Looking for,
Perfect and glorious,
A man, a woman
To justify your existence,
Isn't coming, and if they do,
There is no guarantee
That they will remain
Who they are now,
Perfect and glorious
After they meet you.

It's not saying anything
At all
About who you are.
But love is cataclysmic
And some changes are permanent,
While others gradual
And on the surface.
The moon is perfect and glowing,
Seen from the earth, while
Pock-marked and dark
When you are standing on it.

But you must know,
How long-winding and boring forever gets,
For even if you don't,
The real you remembers,
The tiresome fact that love can turn to,
When one are two,
And trying hard to merge.

Distances are necessary
To realise the pull, the draw,
The call
Of life,
And if there's one person,
You will not tire looking at,
It's the face in the mirror,
And the soul restfully staring back.

You, the biggest lover you have got,
Until everything merges
Into the here and now
And beats, pulses, breathes as one,
No lover, no friend
No parent, no child,
Nothing at all, nobody,
Can give you lasting joy.

It's not poetry,
It's epiphany.


Shastri said...

You, the biggest lover you have got: It's always important to remember that, though we so often forget.

Black Swan said...

sigh, the mother of epiphanies. Beautiful piece of art!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

This ain't poetry, this is truth. If oneness could be achieved and that aura and pull of love still be unscathed, how could it be? The moon and the earth, the earth and the sun, how could love even happen.

Felt very nice reading this.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Ree said...
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Ree said...

to all of you who have understood, we are all on the walk to the One :)

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

it is perfect epiphany,

very awesome word flow.
invite you to join us and make more poetic friends today.


Anonymous said...

really interesting
that's all

Anonymous said...

oh..and nice simple thoughts

Unknown said...

loved this... i don't know how i missed reading it earlier. it totally made my day!

Tania Cabral said...

Love the flow of words here, and totally loved this piece.

You are the biggest lover you have got...nothing at all, nobody can give you lasting joy.

I'm sure many of us have had such epiphanies and yet it's sad that we all keep looking for some sense of contentment from others, when actually it's upto us, to choose to be content or not.