September 10, 2011

Air Tight Containers

I was packing a lunch box. A day back. And the vegetable that I had cooked and was stuffing into the air-tight tiffin box was spinach.

Now we all know how volatile the nutrients in a leafy vegetable are. So I felt a bit off about cooking it and then packing it. It would travel across the city and go to an air-conditioned office where it would be opened 5-6 hours later and consumed.

Wouldn't all the nutrients evaporate by then? Get rendered useless?

But then, the box is air tight! Where would the nutrients go? Where could they possibly go from a space where escape of any kind was not possible?

I thought about that for a while.

And perhaps what I thought next is not an exact or perfect analogy, maybe it is not scientific and verifiable but well, when did I ever say this blog was about logic and set formulae?

If the soul of a man can escape from the body and this life despite your keeping him locked up in a vacuum from where no escape is possible...why can the soul of my spinach veggie not escape from the air-tight container too?


Unknown said...

something to really ponder about, that.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Its dead already, when it was uprooted, or for when leaves were clipped off.
Even the human body stays warm for a few moments and the eyes continue to live after the soul has departed. Maybe that's why?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Ree said...

Maybe :)

Wd said...

Oh, so you pack dabbas for P ;)

Ree said...

hehe! yes i do :)