August 16, 2011

Now. Here.

It is very easy to get swept up in a current. It's wild, it's random and you exert hardly any effort at all, getting tossed in the waters.

Absolutely free.


Or is every limb constricted, balled up, drawn in, in fear of being smashed against rocks and getting thrown into whirlpools or rapids? I think yes.

What you want to really do, is find yourself a raft. Or climb on to the bank and sit, quietly, peacefully and allow your feet to dangle, to rest, to breathe in the smells of fresh water and grass and logs of wood while the current tosses, smashes, whirls and sweeps.

Most of us are being swept up in the current.

Some of us know this.

A few of us are going to think its going to be one hell of an effort to stop and climb on to the bank and wonder about actually doing it.

One of us is going to do it in one huge motion, lift himself up and sit back. There is no need to toss about. There is nowhere to go. Because when you are nowhere, you are Now Here. And that is the only way to be. With anybody. Including yourself.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reema!!!!!!!!!!!