July 22, 2011

A Clean Slate

Love is never a constant. Especially human love. There is nothing you can count on. There is nobody that will stay. The lips that pursed up with anger and impatience, bordering on hatred and malice yesterday may as well kiss you today. What must you feel? Yesterday's agony or today's joy?

Do not wallow, though. Those lips could have been yours too, couldn't they?

You have nothing but this road ahead of you. You have nothing but this stillness that you are breathing. In and out. In and out. You have nothing but a part of you that feels you have lived forever. You have nothing but today to live in, to breathe in. And you have nobody to do it with. You have nothing but empty words that won't touch your lips anymore because your lips are parched and you have never felt more trapped.

Trapped in your own body. Trapped in your own mind. Trapped in your own world. Indifference, real or feigned, is enough and it is true, stone walls do not a prison make. That indifference can trap you right inside the life you have chosen. And you cannot get out. You are going to be here until you forget. But you will not. Try as you may, you will not forget.

Now you know why we do not remember our past lives. It is the creator's greatest kindness to the human heart, this ability to forget. The ability to breathe once more. The ability to feel the meaning of freedom because you have forgotten, you do not remember. Your name, your relationships, your possessions, all lost in a sliver of time. And you don't miss a thing. it is your chance at living in the now. In this minute. This second. Just now.

And that is why man chooses to die. So he can forget. So he can be free. Even if temporarily. After all, we all need a clean slate.


Eon Heath said...

the thought that made this post...just beautiful...

true, its a gift to forget n breathe again....a clean slate is all we need...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Of all the things that are said about coming undone and clean, about forgetfulness, there are a few close to my heart,

Blessed are the forgetful, for they shall get better even in blunders!

Beautiful thought. It indeed is an unconscious decision we've made, to shed this memory in this shell and get a new one. To live again, free of the chalk on our blackboards, to scribble again.
About the lips spewing poison as well as nectar, I wish to accept both with the purest emotions that they evoke, without the memory of the previous.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Deeps said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

Ajay Gupta said...

The end is past and the its time for new stories and a braver new world. For the moment, I think, I will rest. I'll lie still and silent. Strip my mind of thoughts. I shall close my eyes and breathe deep the slumber of eons.

After all, we all need a clean slate.