April 20, 2010


Have you pondered a sudden unexpected end? Nothing is unchanged. The clothes lie in the same wardrobe, those socks are in the dryer, the book they were reading is still lying with the bookmark on page 259. That shirt on the door smells of their perfume.

But no person to turn the page, wear the shirt, dry out the socks. No movement, just the breeze blowing through the house, carrying their scent away, further and further.

And a few people who realise that they are very uncomfortable dealing with the empty space on earth that they left behind. What should you fill these empty spaces with? Of course they still hear the voice they won't hear anymore. Of course they wake up past midnight to find slippers by the bed that will not be worn again.

What do you do with the remnants?

Pick up the pieces and ask yourself to move on? Leave that empty space behind? Or keep attempting to carry the space with you, hoping against hope that one day, perhaps, you will wake up to see it filled again, the scent strong again, the clothes worn on the body they belong to?

But spaces do not move. Spaces stay and dissolve one day, along with you, along with all those people who carry remnants of memory in their hearts.

In this world of dissolving spaces, what really belongs to you?


Black Swan said...

This hits too close to home. Its too sad. You evoke such emotions.

Vaidehi said...

We neither attempt to fill the spaces nor to not fill them. Coz as time passes by, even though these spaces remain and no one else can fill them, we will meet other people who are worthy of occupying other spaces in our minds. And if we don't let go of the earlier spaces, we don't have enough space to accommodate the new ones. So we endure.. All that we have to. And still be happy and satisfied. Coz nothing is permanent anyways. And those who are not here now, we will meet them again. In this form or some other. In this dimension or some other.

In this world of dissolving spaces, nothing belongs to you because as you said in one of your earlier post, everything is nothingness anyways. And yet the power of the mind is so strong that everything that you think belongs to you will belong to you and come to you.

Maybe my opinions are a bit strong and maybe I misinterpreted your post or maybe its just that we both have opposite states of mind and opinions at this point of time. But felt like commenting this.

Prasanna said...

This post makes me sad. Most of the words in this post looked harmless before. But now that a powerful writer like you has decided to use them, they hit me real hard.

Unknown said...

beautifully written as always.
and really, deeply, touching.

Goli said...

One of the most beautiful pieces of writing, really simple, but very touching.

Wd said...

I fear this R...

Navaneet Krishnan Venkatesan said...

Interesting post Reems! Catching up with your writing after a long time.

Well, spaces are constantly changing, moving out, moving in, even ceasing to exist....that is ironically a constant (Jagat Mithya!!). But what is the "you" that you refer to, especially in the last sentence? - "In this world of dissolving spaces, what really belongs to you?" If "you" is the individual ego that identifies with the ephemeral body, then that is impermanent too, as you very well know. If its the life force (jeevatman) behind it all, then that is Paraatatva (in a microcosm) anyway! Why would it need anything to belong to it when it is All, Everything, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent (in its ultimate state)? Don't know if I'm putting across my thoughts clearly enough here, but knowing you I know you will understand :P