June 13, 2010

Stop dying.

You. You, who worries about turning twenty-five, or thirty. You, who blames your dis-ease on the pollution and traffic and worrisome children and home loans that stretch out to twenty-five years and you are not even sure you will live until sixty. You, who dyes hair and uses anti-ageing creams. You, who has a sprain in your neck and you who say - I am getting old.

You, who plan your retirement, who worry about health insurance, you. Yes, you. You, who thinks it is normal that your grandparents have painful knees and shoulders that slump and hair that is snow white. You, who wonder if you will need to ever live in an old-age home.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Who taught you in school that you must age? Who taught you at home that you must die one day? What book told you that dis-ease is not invited? Who preached to you that you must retire and that 60 is over the hill?

It's your fault that you picked up these things from adults that are as misguided as you are. It is your fault that you allow your body and mind to succumb to the unnatural and die. Everything you see around you is ageing and dying. Who told you that what's happening around you is natural? Who told you that if it happens to plants and animals, it should happen to us too?

You are human, you have one foot stuck in heaven and one planted on earth and you are on top of the food chain, so don't you think you should be the one that the world around you should imitate? If you decide to age and die, then animals should follow suit too, and so should plants?

This post will have few responses, because nobody seems to make sense of what I am saying. Of course this is fiction, because it is stranger than reality. As much fiction as the airplane was before the Wright brothers came along. But this is important for you to know. Please stop ageing. Please stop dying. There is no need to go full that feat and depress so many people in the process, leave unfinished business behind.

Stop dying. Please. And maybe then, things and people around you will follow suit.


Unknown said...

hmm...i could make sense of it! holds a pretty deep meaning to me, saying something like 'enjoy the present rather than worrying worrying worrying constantly and letting ppl get to you'.

Goli said...

Well questions to be pondered over. Probably someone from our generation will give it a thought, sometimes I think that when people are prosperous and happy they think about all this things.
That is why such thoughts and texts were so well developed in ancient India. Probably it is time to read Vedas.

Prasanna said...

Sign of aging? Leave them behind.

Navaneet Krishnan Venkatesan said...

@ Prasanna - Really?! Garnier (hope I'm right here) is all you could think of?! :P ^_^

On a more serious note, I agree with Goli, going back to a true Vaidika life will help eradicate these evils of modern living......but whose up to it?? Considering its all cyclic, maybe these are the beginnings to another age of enlightenment.....Reems, who knows, you may be the next Gaargeyi or Lopamudra?! :)

http://mergingreflections.blogspot.com said...

You have talked about several things here on diff aspects of life...under one topic (aging). Don;t know if it's particularly for someone.. but would be definitely encouraging to read when the old age thoughts creeps into our mind. Very Positive!