July 26, 2010

What Is Your Excuse?

I am too old.

I am too tired.

It's too late.

I've a loan to pay off.

My parents will kill me if I do this.

My family depends on me for their bread and butter.

I don't have the finances.

I have no time.

I don't think I am good enough to do it.

I am sure it will flop and backfire.

I think there's too much competition.

I cannot afford it.

I am not sure if I want to do this or if I want to do that.

I think this stuff belongs to the books.

I feel it's easy for you to say it because you are not in my situation.

I am too lazy.

What's your excuse for not chasing your dream until its completely yours?


Prasanna said...

Awesome.. this got me thinking

sunanda said...

makes you want to introspect and ask yourself the same questions.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

aaa I think I am much too patient... :P

Anonymous said...

what was/is urs? are u chasing urs?

Black Swan said...

:) All of us hav said one or the other. Thought-provoking.

Se2 said...

really good. I guess i'll be guilty of saying i have used one or the other now and then. However, I am chasing my dream, and that makes me proud...

Nice post by the way...And awesome template..seriously..!!

Unknown said...

i am guilty of using quite a few of those excuses from time to time!
BUT - i am following my dream.. not giving up. Ever. :)

Wd said...

It's too big is always my excuse.

Not anymore.

Love you so much- you deserve every bit of it.

Ree said...

@P, Soop, AS: :)
@Anon: Me? i am immortal :) I don't live at this level at all. And therefore I use no excuses.
@MC: :)
@SE2: thanks. I love the template too. Glad u r chasing urs, fellow traveller!
@mehak: proud of u girl :)
@fio: i do too :) and ever ever so much happy and proud of u!

Anonymous said...

The write up seemed wonderful but now that the author asserts, she is not the mortal kind (immortal as she puts it) makes us the lesser mortals believe,"Well thats the way of life!"

Ree said...

@anon: how would ur answer change if you knew you were immortal too?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps had I been immortal, I would be above all weaknesses of the mortals and hence no excuses would be required to be served.