October 24, 2010

The Problem With Mortality

Artificial smiles. And fake concern. She knew how to make people's lives miserable. She would say one thing to a person, a different thing to another. She loved creating misunderstandings. She was one of those girls that ragged her juniors because her seniors had ragged her. She was one of those people who would stamp her bad temper on to somebody that did not deserve it.

Then one day, through her permanent frown, she glanced at her organiser. She was fifty, her face was starting to hold wrinkles and her skin was sagging already. Her lips seemed to be distorted with what looked like a permanent grimace.

And the average human life span bordered somewhere close to sixty.

Assuming she had only ten more years to continue frowning and glowering at people, she hardly had any time left.

And then it hit her.

If mortality is your default setting, you cannot afford the nonsense you think you are eligible to indulge in.


Navaneet Krishnan Venkatesan said...

A dig at Mrs Sawant maybe????? :P good one....life is too precious to be frittered away on the frivolities we give so much importance

Madhumita said...

Wish this realty of life hits all.

Madhumita said...

Hope this realty of life hits all. Most people live like there is nothing to lose by living life badly but one day they will be miserable when the time is up.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hahahhaa... yes... and she's gonna repent, as there is no rewind button either.

Blasphemous Aesthete